M o v i e s

2009. Angels and Demons. Head of Sculpture Department. Sony Pictures.

2007. The Da Vinci Code. Head of the Sculpture Department. Sony Pictures.

2005. Phantom of the Opera. Head of Sculpture Department. Warner Bros. .

2004. Troy. Head of Sculpture Department. Warner Bros.

2002. Finding Neverland. Sculpture. Miramax Films.

2001. Spider-Man. Costume concept sculptor. Sony Pictures.

1998. Anna and the King. Head of Sculpture Department. 20th Century Fox.

1997. 102 Dalmations. Supervising Sculptor. Walt Disney Pictures.

1997. Armageddon. Costume Sculptor. Touchstone Pictures.

1997. Batman and Robin. Concept Costume Sculptor. Warner Brothers.

1995. Rob Roy. Supervising Sculptor. United Artists. Fort William .

1994. 101 Dalmations. Supervising Sculptor. Walt Disney Pictures.

1992. Remains of the Day. Sculptor. Columbia Pictures.

1989. Diamond Skulls. Sculptor. British Film Finance.

1988. The Dressmaker. Sculptor. British Screen Productions.

1988. Spooks. Modelmaker. Electric Shadows Productions.

1987. Paperhouse. Sculptor. Veston Films.

1986. Aliens.Sculptor. 20th Century Fox. .

1985. Revolution. Supervising Sculptor. Warner Bros.

1984. Legend . Supervising Sculptor.

1983. Meaning of Life. Sculptor and Modelmaker. Universal Films.


P r o j e c t s

2012. Bronze portrait of F. Scott Fitzgerald . Princeton University .

2011. Private Bronze Commission . Maine .

2010 . Sotto Studios. Bronze Portraits.

2007. Palm Jumeriah Hotel. Dubai. Central sculpture for the Sage room.

2007. Flemish Star film award for the Belgian film industry.

2006. Phantom of the Opera. Las Vegas. Supervising Sculptor.

2004. Atlantis Hotel, Nassau , Bahamas. Development models.

2002. Wynn Hotel. Las Vegas. Maquette for the Lake Sculpture.

1997. Atlantis Hotel , Bahamas. Concept and Supervising Sculptor.

1997. Land of Point. Development and modeling of creatures.

1997. MGM Grand Hotel. Las Vegas. Development of the MGM Lion.

1996. Caesar's Palace Hotel. Las Vegas . Concept models and maquettes.

1995. Flamingo Hilton Hotel. Las Vegas. Sculpture for the Pool Room.

1995. Sam Goody Superstore. Models and Sculpture.

1994. Mirage Hotel. Las Vegas. Monument to Seigfreid and Roy.

1993. Treasure Island Hotel. Las Vegas. Themed Ships and Sculpture.

1992. Miss Saigon . Supervising Sculptor.

1992. Which Witch. Sculptor.

1991. Monumental Urn . Private commission.

1991. Stravaganza di Medici. Sculptor.

1991. Royal Opera House. Guilliame Tell. Sets.

1991. Royal Opera House.Othello. Sets.

1990. Phantom of the Opera. Sculptor.

1979 - 1983. English National Opera. Sculptor.